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Name: John Schurmann | Professional Title: Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, ADD Specialist

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John Schurmann is a registered clinical social worker, individual, couple and family psychotherapist, ADD specialist and life coach. He holds three degrees including a Master’s degree in clinical social work from Wilfrid Laurier University.
John works closely with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations for the past 25 years.

John draws on extensive experience to customize treatment that addresses each client’s mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and social needs.
Unlike many counsellors who only focus on feelings, his expertise in life coaching is an additional specialty that benefits clients. His proven counselling techniques and practical life coaching tools provide quick results and equip clients with the know-how to self-manage their lives more effectively.
To treat the entire person, he helps clients get a good understanding of their issues. Clients want to know why they are depressed or anxious. They want to know why they struggle with anger, an addiction or low self-esteem. Others are puzzled about how they got into an affair or why life has become difficult and are able to make things better.
Once they have a good understanding of the issues, he helps promote their natural life skill abilities. Every person has an innate ability to solve problems, but often the person is overly burdened or lacks the skills and cannot solve the issues.
He found that the majority of people need life skills training, whether it’s dealing with stress and anger or wanting to improve personal relationships. He coaches couples to share their thoughts, feelings and needs properly. He teaches active listening skills and problem solving techniques. He supplements the sessions with literature, readings, and assessment tools so that the clients have good tools to practice with.
He also works with children and adolescents, including those with ADHD, addictions and behavioural problems at home and at school. If there is an issue with family dynamics, then he brings in the whole family. In order to solve a specific problem, you must see the big picture.

BA Psychology, BSW, MSW. RSW.

Depression, Education/Career Direction, Family Violence, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Sexuality, Mental Health, ADHD, Marital and Family Therapy, Child/Adolescent, Psychiatry, Trauma and Spirituality.

Canadian Association of Professional Social Workers
Ontario College of Certified Social Workers
Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers


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