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After over 20 years of private practice, I took a 2.5-year sabbatical to recharge and refocus my life. In that time, I traveled and wrote my 6th book, Facing the Truth of Your Life. My manifesto on healing ourselves and why it is so important to do so.

A graduate of John F. Kennedy University in the Counseling Psychology Program with a Transpersonal specialization combined that with the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco Professional Training Program framed both my worldview as well as my clinical practice.

My BA in Management and years in business made me very practical and goal orientated.

My two highest values are personal growth and freedom. Turing 60 and completing my second Saturn Return, it became clear that this part of my life is about teaching and sharing what I have learned.

This has led to how I conduct both my workshops and work with clients in Intensives and consultations.

My training in EMDR, subsequently becoming Certified in EMDR and then an EMDRIA Approved Consultant has turned out to be a foundation of my work and psychotherapy philosophy. I assist in training others and consult with EMDR trained therapist to help them gain the confidence and expertise they need to help their clients heal what has seemed unhealable, often in a short time. I was trained by the originator of EMDR, Francine Shapiro in 1993.

While I see people with many different issues and problems, I am known for working with men that were sexually abused as children, men with gynecomastia, and bi and gay men that are heterosexually married. I have also worked with many, many women. You might not guess that looking at my specialties.

Because I have worked with so many people that have had devastating experiences and have often searched in vain for help, I know that for most people, healing is possible. EMDR is one of many tools that both speed up healing as well as stop the pain in its tracks. EMDR is a paradigm shift in psychotherapy. It is not for everyone, but often with some work, it is possible for most people to benefit from this profound method of healing.

I had a difficult childhood with a great deal of trauma. I understand the pain of that journey, and it has been my life’s work to assist others in healing theirs.

My workshop Unspoken Boundaries is an exploration of the boundaries are essential for us not to take on others energy and not to share your energy with them. This keeps us you from being drained and exhausted by merging with others. This workshop is a paradigm shift for most people. By seeing the world through this new lens, participants have found that they are alive at the end of the day and the week and they are not reactive. This is also great for couples to take together. It is an opportunity for them to learn a lot about each other and to see each other differently. It will also give them a new vocabulary to discuss and explore their relationship.

I continue to write both articles and books. I am hopeful, the next two will be out late this year.

BA in Management,

MA in Counseling Psychology,

Transpersonal Specialization,

Graduate of The Gestalt Institute of San Francisco.

EMDR: Certification and Approved Consultant

Complex Trauma

Sexual Assault, Men, and Women

Men Sexually Abused as Children


Sexual Compulsivity


CAMFT: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

San Francisco CAMFT Chapter

East Bay CAMFT Chapter

Santa Barbara CAMFT Chapter

EMDRIA: Eye Movement, Desensitization, Reprocessing International Association

The Authors Guild

IBPA: Independent Book Publishers Association


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