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What is this service about?

We offer you a free service that includes a large group of Content creators who craft expert content like self-help articles, videos and podcasts. This content is published at our 8 Blogs and on all social network media outlets for you to enjoy and interact with, and this content is based on topics important to you, practical and to help you attain the progress you want. We also manage a collection of online directories of Professionals in a range of categories and expertise and you can easily connect with the best experts in the field of psychology via our online Directories. Additionally You can find our Online Training Courses with a collection of free and paid training courses, look for Psychology Events near you, shop for books, audiobooks and products at our online shops. Our users also enjoy their ow interactive Community and share in on forum discussions, groups, you can share in by asking for support or your questions in our online Q & A sections, and simply benefit from users experienced in a topic you are interested in. We offer resources, content and guidance [and assistance for] on Therapy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Wellness, Self Development, Relationships, Parenting and Counseling via our 8 Blogs and 8 Directories. Just select yours and connect with us.

Who is it for?

This is for anyone [legally for anyone over the age of 16 years] who needs guidance and support in emotional and personal wellbeing, to progress in their life. Please do ensure that you read our Terms and Conditions for users as well as our Privacy and Cookies policies and agree to these when you sign up.

What services are you offering?

Our service include a Professional Directory where you can access a professional in the following categories: Therapy | Coaching | Counseling | Wellness | Hypnotherapy | Self Development | Relationships | Parenting. Our professionals have and are creating an impressive range of self-help Articles, how to videos, and handy podcasts – to show their insights and expertise and at the same time to increase your skills and understanding. You get to know them and their work better in this way. You can also ask a question at any time in our online Question and Answer section.

You can readily access any of our Professionals directly from their Profiles and continue to use their services, courses or their assistance.

We have an online Training platform listing a variety of online learning courses and to help you increase your personal skills and progress.

You can find a Mentor if you wish and We also offer you recommended products, self-help materials in our online Shop. We regularly send out our choc-full Newsletter with free goodies, hot news, guidance and special support from experts in their fields and from all corners of the world. So do not miss out on it – simply register.

Lastly, we offer you a free complementary first session as a way of making it easier for you to get the support you need. You can simply register your interest and we will match you with one of our awesome professionals.

Are your Professionals Qualified?

Yes – Our professionals are qualified in their respective fields, areas of expertise and regions where they practice. As our professionals are from all areas of the world, their training, expertise and experience differ and dependent on a range of variable criteria. Do view their Directory Profiles setting out their expertise, training and experience and get a feel for their skills and your needs. Our extensive resource precisely makes to this easier as you can read, learn, view and listen to their work to help you get to know them.

Is this service for emergencies?

Please note we are not an emergency service.
Sometimes clients experience an emotional crisis that requires immediate attention. If you are suffering with ongoing suicidal feelings and attempts, self-harm or a major mental health conditions, a psychiatric referral must be sought instead via your Medical Practitioner. Also, where there is substance/alcohol abuse or problems with violence, other support services should be accessed.
Our Platform is not a Crisis Intervention Service and should not be treated as such. The appropriate services should be contacted without delay.
You should be aware that online intervention may not be suitable in times of immediate crisis and may not be immediately available. If you feel you cannot wait and need immediate attention, or if it is outside working hours, you should contact your Medical Practitioner or go to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital, or contact any of the emergency centers or help service in your area.

How do I gain the most benefit from your service?

A. Ensure that you watch our how-to-videos, read our extensive articles and listen to our handy podcasts – on the go – and increase your knowledge, insight. These are provided by our expert professionals. These are carefully crafted to give you the most benefit plus you can get to know our professionals, how they work and start to build trust. You then simply

B. Register for your first session for free – so you can connect with one of our professionals to get you on your path and progress.

C. You can also contact the professional of your choice, directly from their profiles in the online directory. Links to their social networks, their websites and services are readily available.

D. You could also ask us a burning question you may need an answer to in our Q&A section of the logs. We will speedily respond to you.

E. Ensure that you sign up for Our Com,unity to benefit from the experience of our Users, from group activities, Forum Discussions, resource sharing, support from users and guidance on topics of interest to you. Plus you join a caring and active community to help you grow.

How do I select a Professional?

Each Professional’s contact details are linked to the articles, videos and podcasts they create on the site. Professionals create these resources so you can get an understanding of their expertise and skills and they share valuable information here. You can decide if when you find their work match your expectations or you share in their skills – to connect with them. Their links are also found at our online directory for our professionals. There you will find their complete information, skills and experiences. All the links to their websites and social networks can be found here. Simple contact them directly from their profiles too.

How do I contact a Professional?

You can find their links at our online directory for our professionals. Each Professional has a profile with their complete information, skills and experiences. All the links to their websites and social networks can be found here. Simple contact them directly via their profile.

What self-help resources do you offer?

We have an extensive library of articles and latest topics under discussion, guidance and opinions written by our professionals – on a topic you wish to know. We also provide you with a great collection of Podcasts to listen to on the go or view our large range of how to videos on a large selection of topics. You can easily connect with us via our Q&A pages to ask a question and get self-help guidance and support.

Plus you can join in at our Online Community

Which areas can I access your services from?

You can access our website and services from anywhere on the globe where you have an internet connection and with a device connected to the internet.

Is your service in my language?

Our service if completely in the English language as a vehicle to be accessible to everyone who wish to access our service from all over the globe. Some of our listed Professional do offer services in other languages and please do search via our Directories as an advanced search to filter out a professional that can assist you.

Your Professionals are not located in my area

We offer our Directory to all Professionals who register and log their services and contribute to self-help information on the website, and these professionals may not be available in your area. Many professionals in our directory provide face-to-face and/or online website support service via email or chat. You can contact the professional of your choice directly to receive their online services from anywhere you have access from.

Are your Professionals insured?

Professionals are qualified individuals in the area of their expertise and the part of the world where they operate and offer their services. Professionals may or may not carry insurance and this again is dependent on their training, area of specialization and the associations they belong to. Insurance cover is also not available or applicable in all areas or countries where professionals practice or offer their services. You can get this information from the profiles of our professionals or contact them directly to enquire.

How do I book my Free Session?

Simply click on the link found throughout all our Blogs to register your interest. A popup window or contact form will open to ask you to add your best contact details [email]. When you submit/register we will contact you with more information and questions you may have and connect you with the closest match of our professionals. We will provide you with relevant details and contact details in corresponding communication.

How do I contact you?

Via our online Contact page or throughout our website pages we have contact forms – to make it easier for you to contact us.

How do I ask a question or make a suggestion?

Via our Question and Answer pages on all our Blogs or via our Contact us Page. We endeavour to respond to your question speedily, but this is no guarantee that you will receive the answer you expect, in the way you expect it. Do note that answering your questions does not constitute a client-therapist relationship and our response is also subject to you having read our entire Terms of Service, Privacy and other policies displayed on our Platform, our availability and demand of our users. You can easily join our Community groups and forums to ask your question and be answered by users experienced in the topic that is important to you. You are also free to connect with a Professional via their online Profiles in our Directories.

What types of assistance do you provide?

We provide you with an extensive library of self-empowering learning resources, and to make it easier for you to ask us any questions you may have as we assist you in your progress. Feel free to contact us at any time via our contact us page or ask a question via our online Q&A page. Your question will be answered.

You can also sign up for our Online Community Service and share in with like-minded users to all the resources we offer. You can get your first session free with one of our online Professionals – simply register your interest.

You can contact our Professionals directly via their profiles in the Directory – and connect to find someone you can help you to start your journey to wellbeing.

Can I ask questions about my medication?

Questions about medication is best asked of your Medical Practitioner. We do not provide this service as a substitute for medical advice or guidance and please do not base your actions about information or guidance you read on these pages. Do ensure you read our terms of service and what we offer. Our service and professionals do not provide medical services and do not claim to.

Why should I sign up for your Newsletter?

Our Newsletter is our mouthpiece – informing you of the latest created masterpiece by our professionals. This information may be the key to your greater insight and continued progress – do keep an eye out. Our Newsletter will allow you access to these, before anyone else. You can also be sure to receive your newsletter direct to your inbox with regular free goodies and products we know will give you greatest benefit. Do sign up…

Who is therapy for?

Anybody can go to see a therapist if they feel it would be be useful for them. Typically people initially tend to consider therapy when they are facing problems or difficulties in their lives. However, therapy is not just for those who are struggling or faced with life challenges, or for those dealing with mental health issues. It can be just as useful and beneficial for people who are interested in self development and want to understand themselves better, or who want to focus on improving their overall sense of well-being.
Also more and more people are trying therapy these days. People are becoming more comfortable with the idea of seeking therapy to help with their problems and issues, and gaining the progress they want.

How do I know if my issues are serious enough for me to see a therapist?

A lot of people worry that the issues they are facing are not big enough to warrant seeing a therapist and that there are other people who need therapy far more than them so they don’t really deserve it. However, if you are struggling in some way in your life – with relationships, work, life issues and experiences, mental health, your emotions, thoughts, behaviour or difficult memories – the chances are therapy could help.
Also when trying to decide whether therapy is suitable for you – rather than thinking about the size or seriousness of your problems relative to other people’s, perhaps it would be more useful to think about the impact your problems are having on you. For instance, are your current issues or problems impacting negatively on your life in some way? Would you like things to be different? If so, therapy could be right for you. And if going to see someone could help you to feel happier, more at ease and more content in your life, isn’t it worth giving yourself that opportunity?

How do I work out who is the right therapist for my needs?

When you decide to find a Professional it can be hard to know where to start or what you should be looking for. The great thing about our service is that it does most of the work for you. All you have to do is explore the extensive self-help resources [articles, podcasts and videos] our professional have carefully crafted. From this you can learn about them, their expertise and insight – to then choose from here if you would wish to make the connection or if they could be a fit for you. Making this informed decision is easier and you can then decide who on our extensive directory of professionals, to get in touch with directly. This we believe is a better way for you to gain trust and insight and so make the whole process a lot easier and help you feel more confident about your choice. Additionally our Professional’s profiles includes all their accumulated work [articles, podcasts and videos], their intro videos and their profile photos will help to give you a feel for what they are like and how each of them work. Just go ahead and explore…

How can I be sure a therapist is properly qualified?

The level of training that therapists have had can vary significantly. So if you are looking for a therapist yourself, online or elsewhere, it can be difficult to know for sure whether someone is properly qualified or not. Our Professionals are from a large collection of modalities, and from all parts of the Globe. All our professionals are specifically invited for their expertise, experience and skills and are top practising professionals in their field. We take the guess work out of this as all the therapists listed on our Directory are members of their respective accrediting organisations in the part of the worlds they are practising.
To become members of these organisations therapists need to have qualified to a high standard and they must also adhere to a professional code of ethics. We do emphasize that you have the final choice in whom you work with and to get the confirmation from the Professional you choose to work with. You can confidently choose from and trust in the selection of Professionals at the Psychology Network, knowing that they are well qualified and professional.

How long is a therapy session and how often do I need to go?

Usually face to face sessions last for 50 minutes or sometimes for an hour. Typically clients will have sessions once a week at the same day and time, although some therapists such as psychoanalysts will see clients more than once a week. Additionally, if you are in a real state of crisis in your life many therapists will offer more frequent therapy sessions – say twice a week – for a limited period of time to help support you through this. Online sessions varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This could be via email communication over days or any length of period, via Skype or telephone call, or via online chatroom style sessions. Online sessions are more convenient for people who cannot reach a professional in their area or reach a professional based on their particular expertise. Some professionals [like, Life Coaching] may also offer an initial face to face session and follow up with further online sessions. You are free to contact your professional direct from our directory or can request information of their sessions and how to book a session.

Where do therapists usually see clients? What can I expect the room to be like?

When you seek Face to Face sessions, you will normally see a Professional at the same location and in the same room every week. Some Professionals work in rooms within their homes while others work from consulting rooms that they rent independently or share with other therapists.
As to what the room is likely to look like, again this will vary. Some rooms are very homely whilst others are more like an office. Some Professionals have sole use of their room and decorate it in the way they want, whilst others may share or rent the room they use and might not have a say as to how the room looks. However, all rooms will normally have either a couch or a chair for you to feel comfortable in and typically the Professional will try to create an environment that feels safe and comfortable.

How do I know that I can trust the therapist with what I tell them?

Therapy is a very personal and private undertaking and an important part of a therapist’s job is to create a sense of trust and confidence in them and in the relationship between you, so that you feel able to share things that feel difficult or perhaps you have never felt able to share with anyone before. All good therapists take this seriously and will not discuss what you have shared with others, unless they are required to do so either ethically or legally.
Therapists must adhere to a professional code of ethics which includes strict rules about confidentiality and this is a specific requirement of the affiliated and accredited bodies they belong to in their area of practise. There are only a very few instances where they would be ethically or legally bound to breach confidentiality and most good therapists should explain this to you in the first few sessions or have it clearly stated in their therapy contracts.

What if I meet a therapist but I don’t feel comfortable with them?

When working with a therapist it is important you feel comfortable with whoever you choose and that you will be able to trust and open up to them over time. With this in mind, regardless of their qualifications and experience, not every therapist will be a good fit for you personally.
So, if after getting in touch with a therapist and meeting them for the first time you don’t feel comfortable with them, it is important you realise you are not obligated to work with them. Most therapists will have some form of contract, whether written or verbal, so the main thing is to make sure that you don’t agree to anything if you are unsure. After the first session you can always say you would like to take time to think about it or you can tell them if you don’t feel the fit is quite right.

How long will therapy take?

This is a difficult question to answer as it is dependent on a number of factors including the issues that you are seeking help for, how much time and energy you are able to commit to therapy, what you feel you can afford, and the type of therapy that you choose to try.
However typically from the outset the therapist will be able to give you some idea as to whether short or longer term therapy is more suitable in dealing with your issues. If short term, this might be for between 6-12 weeks initially, whereas longer term therapy is more open ended and may take many months or sometimes a year or more.
Also, some clients go to therapy for a period of time and then decide to stop for a while and go back at a later stage, either to see that therapist again or somebody else. So there are no clear cut rules about how this works. Instead it is something that is discussed and agreed on between the client and therapist and it is always possible to review things or change your mind if you decide you no longer want to have therapy, or your circumstances make it difficult for you to keep coming.



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